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A high-performance roof requires more than just good shingles. The performance of any roof depends on an entire system working and performing together, including ventilation, hip and ridge shingles, decking, underlayment, drip edge, pipe boots, fittings, flashings, metals as well as ice and water shield.

The roofing system you will receive from ​SWFLBUILD.COM is a lineup of essential products that can help provide maximum durability for your roof, and the most protection for your home.

We are so confident in our process that we provide a Lifetime workmanship and labor warranty on every roofing system we install.

Contact us now and we will show you the difference a SWFLBUILD.COM Roofing System will make on your home.




W​e have detailed our process for how you want to go about getting a proper scope of work for your roofing claim. Invite SWFLBUILD.COM​ to come inspect your property’s roofs to identify the correct work-scope.

We will meet with you after inspection to discuss our estimate of what the Insurance Company should be paying for and, if necessary, explain any differences in cost (if you’ve already met with your adjuster).

If you would like to pursue a complete re-roof we would then detail the correct work scope in our estimate and have you sign it: subject to Insurance Company Approval. Because you have signed it, and it’s subject to your homeowners insurance company approval, we are able to discuss the project with your insurance adjuster to work to get you the roof replacement you deserve.


Once the work scope is approved by the Insurance Company, they will usually send a revised set of paperwork and a supplemental check directly to you.

Once you receive the check, we will pick up a deposit equal to 50% of the approved cost of the repairs or re-roof. We will schedule to begin the installation process within two to six weeks.

Once the roof is completed we will do a final walk through with you and send in the certificate of completion and final invoice to the Insurance Company.
The Insurance Company will often process the final payment and mail this payment within 2-3 weeks.

You see, when you have someone who knows and understands the process working with you, your Homeowners Insurance Claim and storm damage doesn’t seem so daunting. We will help you through the process and make, at least your roof, as easy as possible while you recover from the storm.

After a hurricane we at​ SWFLBUILD.COM​ are there for you! We have a tried and true process for dealing with emergency roofing damage by providing you a third party, unbiased roofing estimate for you to share with your insurance company.

As ​an Insurance Restoration Specialist. we ask that you contact us as soon as possible after the event. You do not need to wait on your homeowners insurance company / adjuster to come to schedule an estimate with us. In fact, you are required to make necessary steps to prevent further damage to your home including, but not limited to, tarping your roof.

Let us come out and help you assess your damage BEFORE you agree to an amount with your insurance agent or adjuster. Why? With the recent influx of storms and fire events in the United States, adjusters are often new and inexperienced. They may miss hidden signs of roof damage such as loss of granules and lifting, which allows moisture to collect underneath the shingles, or worse not know the laws and codes relating to Florida roof repairs and replacements. This unfortunate combination can cost you when trying to repair your home. We are NOT adjusters.

Our role is to work with you by providing you a third party, unbiased roofing estimate that you can present to your insurance company. We’ll help you by providing you with the home insurance roof repair or replacement you deserve, which starts with the roofing estimate.

Things you should know:

Did you know that if 25% of your roof is damaged that it must be brought up to code which often requires a full roof replacement?

Named storms with winds in excess of 110 mph often invalidate most roof warranties. A roof that looks perfectly fine and has all its shingles can be severely damaged. We just had a client who had one shingle missing and upon inspection it was discovered that her roof was an 80% loss due to lifting.

Most people don’t know these basic roofing facts. So, it’s critical that you let a qualified roofing contractor see your roof and that you understand exactly what’s wrong with it before your accepting an amount to cover your roof repair from an insurance company.